LSS value proposition

The LSS has established the following value proposition: LSS provides avenues for a coordinated, effective, strong and visible Legislative Sector that tests new and innovative ideas and strives for continuous improvement.

The Speakers' Forum sets the political direction and policy framework for the sector and in this regard, the LSS has been established to provide the coordination, facilitation and management of sector programmes to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

In essence, this is what the LSS endeavours to achieve:

  • Sector programme development: The LSS facilitates and supports the development and implementation of the sector's policy framework, sector programmes and projects. The LSS also provides secretariat support to the decision-making processes of the Speakers' Forum and SALSA in order to enable effective sector leadership, management and coordination.
  • Programme implementation: Once the programmes have been approved, the LSS supports the Speakers' Forum and SALSA to implement the programmes by providing support and technical expertise, as well as project management and facilitation skills, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Institutional development and support: The LSS assists the sector to grow and develop as a collective and individually. In addition, the LSS promotes a culture of delivery, learning and sharing best practice, of improving knowledge management, and assisting to build strong institutions.
  • Partnership and stakeholder relations management: This is a key feature in the sector strategy, i.e. the use of partnerships to enhance the development of the sector, and the development of the stakeholder relations management strategy that enables the LSS to keep in touch with the ever-changing environment of its primary stakeholders.
  • Effective business processes: These processes are important to ensure that the sector creates and maintains a good reputation with the wider public which has an inherent interest in these institutions of democratic and constitutional governance. Effective business processes pave the way for the implementation of the sector's programmes, and attract more partnerships and much needed resources for the sector.